Werep Ultimate Guide

This is the Ultimate guide to safe and Sustainable weight loss on Nigerian Food.

This book explains in simple terms the principle of weightloss and how to achieve your weightloss goals. Whether you want to lose weight or just maintain, this plan is for you.

What you get includes:

50+ Delicious Recipes

Calories and Macronutrients Information

Ingredients/Shopping List

Meal Plans


Nigerian weightloss at it’s best

Some of the delicious foods you will eat on this plan include Jollof rice, Egusi, Asun, Banana Bread, Efo riro and many more.

When you purchase this plan, you will get email with download link to the file. You download the book, join the support group, cook, eat and start losing weight.

The book is a pdf file

You can use this plan anywhere in the world.

The ingredients used are everyday ingredients that are easily accessible in markets and stores all over the world.

This plan is safe to use for nursing mums

With this plan, you have everything you need to reach your weightloss goals. Buy Now